Kaffe Documentation, can someone help me ?

Sergio Ruocco ruoccos at comm2000.it
Mon Sep 25 11:36:16 PDT 2000

 fa> Hello everybody. I am a computer science student at Barcelona/Spain. 
 Hi Federico,
 fa> 1) The question is, there is some free documentation that I could use to 
 fa> started with Kaffe source. Kaffe is a more or less big an complex peace o
 fa> software so just reading the code is a hard and slow way to understand it
I faced the very same problem one year ago for my MS Thesis.

I suggest you to print the source on a big pile of 132 columns,
continuous sheet paper, and then start with pencils and post-its to
link functions with include files, comment code, mark variables
scopes...be sure to use colours in a sensible way: they help a lot.

In a couple of weeks you will know everything you want about Kaffe,
and, most important, you will be able to navigate the source on the
screen, with any editor, even months after the last tour, thanks to
the learning experience made "on real paper".

 fa> 2) Somebody can explain me how to enable/desable JIT? Both the interprete
 fa> "JITed" version are included in the sources but JIT3 are used by default.
This is a configure a/o compile a/o run-time option, I think.
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