Kaffe Documentation, can someone help me ?

federico ardanaz fardanazp at nexo.es
Mon Sep 25 09:38:42 PDT 2000

Hello everybody. I am a computer science student at Barcelona/Spain. 
I was recently making a peek in the kaffe project and sources.  I am 
finishing my studies in UPC (Politecnical Univeristy of Catalonia) and 
my goal is to do a little study about hardware implementations of java
for my final project. The basic idea is try to find out how easy or hard is
design a microprocessor that can execute both native and java code and
the performace that a machine of this kind can get.... If you prefer how good
could be the performance of a system with a standard risc-like processor
(I am thinking in a UltraSparc, Alpha, ...) with java capability extensions
that ease and accelerate the implementation of a JRE over this machine.

The scope of the project is only at desing (computer architecture ) levels so  I
need a JVM implementation that could be adapted to run the bytecodes over my
simulated microprocessor rather than translating it (JIT) or making a pure
software interpretation. I think kaffe is perfect for this! 

1) The question is, there is some free documentation that I could use to get
started with Kaffe source. Kaffe is a more or less big an complex peace of
software so just reading the code is a hard and slow way to understand it ;-)

2) Somebody can explain me how to enable/desable JIT? Both the interpreted and
"JITed" version are included in the sources but JIT3 are used by default...

Thank you very much:

	Federico Ardanaz
	fardanazp at nexo.es
	fardanaz at ac.upc.es

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