how to setup dev env with kaffe?

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Mon Sep 25 15:29:17 PDT 2000

> I was playing a little with kaffe as a replacement for JVM from
> Sun's jdk, but I ran into trouble. 

What sort of trouble?  (The swing stuff is answered below.)

> Could someone let me know how to setup a working development
> environment that would have the same capabilities as Sun's jdk, but
> using kaffe and some other compilers instead?

Kaffe comes with its own compiler (kjc), which has some known
problems, but is sufficient for most things.  If you're going to do a
lot of compiling, I suggest getting 'jikes', though.

> (I would like to run Swing, for example - what modules do I have to
> get from Sun as an addition to Kaffe JVM so I could run Swing apps
> ?).

You need to get the Swing.jar to run Swing apps on Kaffe.  I think you
can get that from here:
You'll have to add the Swing.jar to your classpath or put it in
Kaffe's lib/share/kaffe/ directory.

If someone wants to double check this info and update the FAQ.awt (or
create a FAQ.swing), I'd check it in.  :)


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