Maxim Kizub M.Kizub at
Wed Apr 4 06:21:13 PDT 2001

Hello kaffe,

On SourceForge opended a new project EUVM (Extendable
Univeversal Virtual Machine) - LGPL-ed.
Most of ideas are taken from JVM, plus a lot of
features needed to run on this VM programs
written in different languages (that why "Universal")
and ability to be extended in future (that why
It's expected that most of java programs will
be able to run on top of EUVM, instead of JVM
(unless they use some JVM-specific trics).

Currently project is in spedification phase.
If anybody intrested in this kind of project,
and have some advices on design and implementation,
or/and willing to help on coding/implementation -
you are welcome to submit your notes or join
the developer team.

Best regards,
 Maxim                            mailto:M.Kizub at

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