KopiSusu 1.9 beta 3 release.

Erwin Bolwidt ejb at klomp.org
Sun Apr 1 07:22:11 PDT 2001


I've made a new beta release of KopiSusu: 1.9 beta 3.

You can find it on:

KopiSusu is based on the KOPI suite, version 1.4F, and it's still a
Java compiler and development tools package.

It has a lot of bug fixes and extensions, which are described on the

To compile the kaffe 1.0.6 sources, you need a few patches to files in the
java/awt directory, since these files contain bugs...
Okay, they're not earth-shattering bugs. :)

The patches for thee bugs are all of the form:

                    switch ( cc.fill ) {
            -       case cc.BOTH:
            +       case GridBagConstraints.BOTH:
                        cx += in.left + cc.ipadx;

The Java Language Specification says that cc.BOTH is not a constant, but
jikes and javac have never bothered to flag this as an error.
Interestingly, what should (logically) happen when cc == null? Since case
labels require constant expressions, you cannot know whether cc == null at
compile time.
The patch can be find in the section "Patches"

The number of failures on the jacks testsuite is down to 34 from just over
one hundred in the previous beta-2 release (if you use the Sun JDK1.3 to
run the compiler, which creates an interesting baseline to compare against
when running the tests with KopiSusu compiled with gcj or running on
another VM.)

ksusu:  Total   1615    Passed  1573    Skipped 8       Failed  34

To be ahead of this question: I've e-mailed the original KOPI team and
asked them to give their opinion on making these fixes part of a new
official KOPI release.

  Erwin Bolwidt

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