KopiSusu 1.9 beta 3 release.

Nic Ferrier nferrier at tapsellferrier.co.uk
Sun Apr 1 08:01:29 PDT 2001

Thanks for keeping me up to date on this. I'll be starting work on my
enhancements soon.

BTW I'll "gnu-ify" the code before I make my changes - would you like
the "gnu-ifyed" code or do you prefer to work with the Sun code

Is there a CVS somewhere yet? If you still have issues about GNU or
Sourceforge I'd be happy to put a CVS on my machines here (till you

My CVS machine is a SUN sparsctation/10 running Debian sitting behind
a 128Kbps always-on link 

It just seems sensible to put the code into a CVS server somewhere.

Nic Ferrier

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