Hi,everyone here! About Kaffe on Linux-vr

yewang at eng.auburn.edu yewang at eng.auburn.edu
Sat Apr 7 03:45:57 PDT 2001

My name is Ye WANG, I am a graduate student in CS. This is first time I send
mail to this list. I want to say hello to everyone here. Have a good day!

I am working on Cross-compiling the Kaffe for Linux-VR, which is the Linux for
NEC VR41XX processor. Is there someone who is doing this too or has done
something similar? 

I think the first thing for porting the Kaffe is setting the config files, I met
some troubles here. 
What are the variables I should set? ( I am using the mips-linux-gcc )
What kind of host information I should set in config?
How do I provide config.frag file?

Thank you for the help you can give me! 


Hi,have a look at my homepage! :-)
OK, I know it is not a best one, but I will make it better and better....

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