Problem during Installation

Edouard G. Parmelan egp at
Sat Apr 21 11:16:33 PDT 2001

Valentin Valchev wrote:

> This is a verry strange problem I encountered when tried to compile bash for qnx.
> A firend of mine used: 
>     ./configure --host=
> And this worked!??!?

Kaffe need to know cpu and os for his thread subsystem and/or his
exception support. Script configure loads
config/$Khost_cpu/$Khost_os/config.frag file.

Well, you must update config.sub to a new version that handle i386-qnx,
see attached patch.  And use i386-qnx as host type.

Note that last change on i386/QNX port was done on 1999 :-(

I quick read config/i386/qnx/* files and I think you can remove special
definition of sysdepCallMethod in config/i386/qnx/md.h as new version of
this macro let's GCC handle return value in registers or in other place.

Hope this help.
Edouard G. Parmelan
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