IA-64 port

John R. Daily john at geekhavoc.com
Mon Dec 10 16:36:42 PST 2001

I've been working to get kaffe working on Debian/ia64 via libffi,
and I've run into a roadblock.

In initBaseClasses(), I get the following failed assertion when
calling loadStaticClass(&javaLangShortClass, "java/lang/Short"):

Kaffe: mem/gc-mem.c:315: gc_heap_malloc: Assertion `blk->free !=
0' failed.

I've tracked it down as far as clazz = findClass(centry, &info),
then hand = findClassInJar(buf, einfo), but I'm out of time for
the evening, and I would guess the real problem lies earlier,
when memory is being allocated.

Can anyone suggest mechanisms for tracking down the root cause of
this problem? I have essentially zero familiarity with the kaffe
code, so I'm flying blind at the moment.

I can supply the current set of patches on request.

-John Daily
john at geekhavoc.com

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