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Patrick Tullmann tullmann at cs.utah.edu
Mon Dec 10 19:05:06 PST 2001

John R. Daily wrote:
> I've been working to get kaffe working on Debian/ia64 via libffi,


> and I would guess the real problem lies earlier, when memory is
> being allocated.

Probably a good guess.

> Can anyone suggest mechanisms for tracking down the root cause of
> this problem? I have essentially zero familiarity with the kaffe
> code, so I'm flying blind at the moment.

You'll want to turn on the debugging code (--enable-debug to
configure), then pass '-vmdebug GC_DIAG' to the VM.  That will turn on
some internal sanity checks in the GC code.  There are a bunch of
other -vmdebug options '-vmdebug list' (or look in debug.c) for
getting a trace of specific parts of the VM.  

Also, on some platforms the interpreter is a bit more stable than the
JIT, you might try that (if the JIT is even enabled, 'kaffe
-fullversion' will tell you what you actually built into kaffe.)

I don't know who made the existing Alpha support for Kaffe, but it is
a bit old, so I wouldn't be surprised if it has rotted a bit.
However, I'm pretty sure it worked in the past...

Hope this helps,


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