problems while compiling in Arm processor

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I've attached a single document - part of article that describes how to create embedded arm distribution (along with cross-compilers) with java support (kaffe).
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  Subject: problems while compiling in Arm processor


  I am having problems while cross compiling kaffe to ARM processor...

  I configured with

  CC=arm-linux-gcc ./configure --host=i686-arm --target=arm-linux
  --with-x  --x-includes=/skiff/local/arm-linux/include
  --x-libraries=/skiff/local/arm-linux/lib/X11 --disable-nls

  it configured fine but when I ran the makefile it gave me error in
  machine.c in jit3 directory.....
  machine.c.195: inconsistent constraints for operand in an 'asm'

  I changed the Makefile in config directorty. In Makefile I changed all
  i386 to arm.. and then ran make again. But of no use.

  I saw the FAQ.profilier and thought it is just for timing purposes and
  then commented the line
  and ran I got few more error like above wherever profiler functions were
  there... so I commented them and then ran. but it gave an

  Error: bad instruction :'call    soft_fixup_trampoline'

  I have attached the error file...

  So How should I compile this ???

  I saw the and saw they have configured with
  host=arm-linux . So I did the same and make went fine and then i
  installed it in /usr/local... But when i try to run the
  on arm processor it says
  cannot find library "libnative"  in the path

  Even though the library* and libnative.a are there in path
  /usr/local/lib/kaffe , it is continuously giving this error...
  When I do "arm-linux-strip libnative*", it says Warning : Output file
  cannot represent architecture UNKNOWN!!

  Please tell me what is wrong and what all u need to run basic java
  program on any machine.

  Is there any document for cross compiling kaffe for arm. Is my configure
  correct ?.. what is this profiling used for ???..

  Please tell me the exact procedure for cross compiling kaffe for arm
  processor !!

  thanks in advance,

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