Kaffe size

Valentin Pavlov v_valchev at prosyst.bg
Wed Feb 14 09:08:32 PST 2001

Kaffe could be 50MB when installed but it could be significant smaller!
I prepared small, embedded linux distribution which can fit on 4MB flash
or flash disk. Actually the image I created was 8MB - I put on it
enough place for our server and possible bundles which are going to be
installed eventually.
The only software which fits on these 4M (even less) is:
glibc (which is the biggest - around 2M), binutils, kaffe, some additional
and our server core.

So you can try stripping kaffe binary and kaffe libraries from debug
which they can possible contain (they really do if you have 50M distro;)
You can do that with 'strip' command.

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> Hi. I'm very interested in small JVM's for embedded
> systems. I have to say that after two weeks of
> Internet searching, the only JVM that is clear enough
> for me is Kaffe, but the problem is the size. I want
> to get a JVM of about 5M, but when I installed Kaffe I
> got about 50M. I have also downloaded the datasheet
> and I got astonished when I saw that the size of Kaffe
> is said to be less than 2M. What I'm doing bad to get
> such a huge installation? What are the config options
> to get Kaffe running in 2M? And another one: if
> anybody knows about some other free-source JVM's with
> a little size (for Linux, of course), I would be very
> grateful. Thanks.
> Javi.
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