Kaffe size

Javier Garcia jjggarroyo at yahoo.es
Wed Feb 14 00:31:18 PST 2001

Hi. I'm very interested in small JVM's for embedded
systems. I have to say that after two weeks of
Internet searching, the only JVM that is clear enough
for me is Kaffe, but the problem is the size. I want
to get a JVM of about 5M, but when I installed Kaffe I
got about 50M. I have also downloaded the datasheet
and I got astonished when I saw that the size of Kaffe
is said to be less than 2M. What I'm doing bad to get
such a huge installation? What are the config options
to get Kaffe running in 2M? And another one: if
anybody knows about some other free-source JVM's with
a little size (for Linux, of course), I would be very
grateful. Thanks.

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