Kaffe under Win32

Maxim Kizub M.Kizub at post.skynet.lt
Mon Jan 8 18:10:23 PST 2001

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Hello kaffe,

  I have a version that can be built with
MS VC++ 6.0.
- - changed sources to be able compiled with C++
  (needs because VC has too stupid and restrictive
  C compiler, and C++ compiler is more close to sources)
  'class','this' vars replaced with 'klass','self'.
- - changed sources by adding proper
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C"
  where needed, and make sure it's not nested in headers
- - a lot of changes for proper casting after memory
  allocation (C++ is strict enough there)
- - cloned sequence
#include "config.h"
#include "config-hacks.h"
  in most of files, and added replacement for
  platform definition in "config-hacks.h" -
  I've not managed to build with 'configure'
  script because of bug in libtool.
- - again, libtool is not used, and libtool.c sources are
  heavy hacked to be used with MS VC++.
- - native (Win32) thread support and rewritten
  outdated interface for system calls (like
  file/socket io, for example).
- - .asm files needed to build under Win32 were
  replaced with inline assembler of MS VC.

  If intrested - I can send patch, sources, or
add a branch into cvs (if I'll get password).
Better I'll send whole set of sources (with CVS
dirs), so, you'll be able to do the rest.

  I'm intrested in fixing libtool/configure,
so they can be built with 'configure' script
being modified to pickup cl.exe instead of gcc.exe
by default (on Win32 platform, until gcc unsupported).
And modified config.h.in (or what needs to be modified)
to pickup those hacks in config-hacks.h for Win32.
The most wanted is fixed automated Makefile
configurations, so I could run tests
(I run some tests manually, but not all, and it's
a pain to run them by hands).

  Also I have huge set of warnings about
unsigned/signed integers mixed and others like this.
I'd be glad they to be fixed too...

- --
Best regards,
 Maxim                          mailto:M.Kizub at post.skynet.lt

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