MIPS deadlock bug fix

Slegers, Walter Walter.Slegers at nl2.vdogrp.de
Wed Jan 10 00:37:19 PST 2001

Hello Maxim,

> SW> And some embedded/old processor cores simply
> SW> don't have these very convenient instructions.
> Probably, you can use something like:
> disable_interrupts
> compare and exchange
> enable_interrupts

Sorry, I'm in user mode.
And disabling interrupts in user mode is not allowed.

Never the less, the construction that I used to fix the bug
		compare and exchange
Which looks rather similar to your suggestion and (if you
use jthreads) it's even portable. The jthread_suspendall is
a cheap way to temporarily prevent Kaffe's jthread
scheduler from scheduling.

Kind regards,

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