Kaffe under Win32

Maxim Kizub M.Kizub at post.skynet.lt
Tue Jan 23 08:37:07 PST 2001

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Hello Valentin,

Sources are ~6Mb.
Please, specify where to upload, or if you can
receive them by e-mail.

Again, question to core kaffe team - are you
intrested in these sources? Valentin is not
the first who asks them, but without corrected
configuration script I can't even run all of tests!

Tuesday, January 23, 2001, 4:12:00 PM, you wrote:

VP> Hello!
VP> I'm verry interested with the work you've done
VP> Can you send me the pathes or the sources.
VP> Or URL for download
VP> I've previously tried to compile kaffe with
VP> VC but i couldn't  and my build with cygwin is
VP> not verry stable and there is no awt support.

VP> Sincerely

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VP> Subject: Kaffe under Win32

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>> Hello kaffe,
>>   I have a version that can be built with
>> MS VC++ 6.0.
>>   Included:
>> - - changed sources to be able compiled with C++
>>   (needs because VC has too stupid and restrictive
>>   C compiler, and C++ compiler is more close to sources)
>>   'class','this' vars replaced with 'klass','self'.
>> - - changed sources by adding proper
>> #ifdef __cplusplus
>> extern "C"
>> #endif
>>   where needed, and make sure it's not nested in headers
>> - - a lot of changes for proper casting after memory
>>   allocation (C++ is strict enough there)
>> - - cloned sequence
>> #include "config.h"
>> #include "config-hacks.h"
>>   in most of files, and added replacement for
>>   platform definition in "config-hacks.h" -
>>   I've not managed to build with 'configure'
>>   script because of bug in libtool.
>> - - again, libtool is not used, and libtool.c sources are
>>   heavy hacked to be used with MS VC++.
>> - - native (Win32) thread support and rewritten
>>   outdated interface for system calls (like
>>   file/socket io, for example).
>> - - .asm files needed to build under Win32 were
>>   replaced with inline assembler of MS VC.
>>   If intrested - I can send patch, sources, or
>> add a branch into cvs (if I'll get password).
>> Better I'll send whole set of sources (with CVS
>> dirs), so, you'll be able to do the rest.
>>   I'm intrested in fixing libtool/configure,
>> so they can be built with 'configure' script
>> being modified to pickup cl.exe instead of gcc.exe
>> by default (on Win32 platform, until gcc unsupported).
>> And modified config.h.in (or what needs to be modified)
>> to pickup those hacks in config-hacks.h for Win32.
>> The most wanted is fixed automated Makefile
>> configurations, so I could run tests
>> (I run some tests manually, but not all, and it's
>> a pain to run them by hands).
>>   Also I have huge set of warnings about
>> unsigned/signed integers mixed and others like this.
>> I'd be glad they to be fixed too...
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>> Best regards,
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