Godmar Back gback at
Thu Jan 25 11:51:16 PST 2001

(I'm assuming you didn't declared gc_immortal_initialize as 

Welcome to the undebuggable world of libtool and company.

I recommend you do a /bin/rm -rf * in your object tree,
and then try to reconfigure and rebuild again.

	- Godmar

> This is probably more of a C programming problem than
> difficulties with kaffe but I'll ask here as you have
> more understanding of the structure of Kaffe.
> I have added a new function "gc_immortal_initialise"
> to gc-mem.c, and declared it in gc-mem.h.  I want
> to call this function during initialisation so I've
> included "mem/gc-mem.h" from baseClasses.c and call
> gc_immortal_initialise from there.
> When I try and build Kaffe I get an error:
> ../kaffevm/.libs/ undefined reference
> to 'gc_immortal_initialise'
> What is wrong, how do I fix it, or how do I find out?
> Thanks,
> Chris

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