arm cross-compile problem

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Fri Jul 13 16:03:58 PDT 2001

Mark Horton wrote:
> The only thing printed out during configure that seems unusual is the 
> folowing line:
> configure: warning: when cross compiling, you may want to set 
> ac_cv_c_char_unsigned to yes or no

Probably not a big deal.

> I have not been able to figure out how to set "ac_cv_c_char_unsigned". 
> I've tried various things but none have made a difference.
> I continue succesfully with "make" and "make install".  I then tar up 
> /mnt/big/java/kaffe-1.0.6 and scp it over to the ipaq.
> When I untar it and try to run anything it seg faults.

Did you install it in /mnt/big/java/kaffe-1.0.6/ directory on the
ipaq?  (I can't remember if this is required or not, though).

Can you run it under a debugger and get a back trace of where the
fault is?  Alternatively, try configuring --enable-debug, and run with
'-vmdebug ALL'.


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