Status of BeOS x86 kaffe

Edouard G. Parmelan
Sun, 3 Jun 2001 18:55:36 +0200

Chris Nash wrote:

> I saw it mentioned at and in the FAQ that the BeOS threading 
> model is incomplete (something I noticed when the test 
> needed a ctrl+C to get past) and I checked the archives, and it seems 
> to me there hasn't been any BeOS activity for about 12 months, nor is 
> BeOS mentioned in the supported systems, however I can at least get 
> 1.0.6 to build and work except for the threading issues, and it seems 
> no JIT3.

To add jit3 support for x86 BeOS, simply create the file
config/i386/beos/jit3-md.h that contains only this line:

    #include "i386/beos/jit-md.h"

> The BeKaffe AWT group seems equally dead.

Yep, on 14 Oct 2000, Tomaso Paoletti wrote:

Tomaso> For almost one year I've been developing, together with other
Tomaso> developers (mainly Sim Ijskes) the AWT layer targeted to BeOS,
Tomaso> under the name of Project BeKaffe (
Tomaso> As I'm in the process of abandoning the project, due to lack of time,
Tomaso> and no one is available to take this job, I would ask you if it's possible to
Tomaso> contribute back all the sources, so that the effort does not remain pointless
Tomaso> if some other brave soul wants to take from where we're leaving.
Tomaso> It won't require great changes to the current CVS source base,
Tomaso> we have been a nice project living in separate BeOS directories :-)
Tomaso> The only shared changes that come to mind is the addition of two
Tomaso> unharmful lines into the and ltconfig scripts.

But I don't know if Tim have received `cleanroom conditions' (see so I never download bekaffe

> Is anyone looking at the BeOS-native version at all? If so, I'd like to 
> give some help - if not, it's something I'd like to give a little time 
> to, at the very least to get things going again.
Edouard G. Parmelan