Failed assertion on my Kaffe port

Vincent Lenders lenders at
Tue Jun 19 01:18:43 PDT 2001


I ported Kaffe on the CRIS-ETRAX architecture running Linux. I compiled
Kaffe with static libraries. My target system has 8 MB RAM.

When I execute Kaffe with the following option, I receive the following
debug lines:
-mx 3000000 -ms 2000000 -as 100000 -vmdebug ALL -stats ALL HelloWorldApp

You cannot debug the JIT in interpreter mode
pagealloc(2002944) => e7000
2002944 unused bytes in heap addr range
gc_system_alloc: 2002944 byte at dde28
gc_primitive_free: Prepending (2002944,dde28) beginning of freelist
gc_primitive_alloc: 4096 bytes from freelist @ dde28
gc_heap_malloc: small block 56 at dde28 free e7090
gc_primitive_alloc: 16384 bytes from freelist @ dde50
gc_heap_malloc: freelist 56 at dde28 free e70c8
gc_primitive_alloc: 4096 bytes from freelist @ ddef0
gc_heap_malloc: small block 135 at ddef0 free ec038
allocating new thread, stack base ec0bf-ec0bf
resumeThread ec040
gc_primitive_alloc: 4096 bytes from freelist @ ddf18
gc_heap_malloc: small block 36 at ddf18 free ed0c8
gc_primitive_alloc: 8192 bytes from freelist @ ddf40
gc_heap_malloc: large block 4104 at ee008
Failed assertion 'fidx < nrTypes && size != 0' in file
mem/gc-incremental.c at line 859.
allocated 4 small objects, total slack -156507, slack/per object
Segmentation fault

I figured out that the failed assertion is due to the "size !=0"
condition. I can't figure out why this occurs. Can anyone help me?
This error occurs on the Kaffe 1.05 and 1.06 release as well.

Vincent Lenders
lenders at

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