Can/How I disable threading?

Min Xu xu at
Wed Jun 20 11:55:40 PDT 2001

  I compiled kaffe for a computer architecture simulator
called "simplescalar" on a linux host machine. However,
simplescalar is a user space instruction only simulator
without modeling of the OS, so all syscalls are
delegated to the hosting OS. So the thread code in
kaffe is completely not supported in the simulator.
(BTW, what's syscall 179? The simulator panics when
it sees that syscall)
  Since I am only interested in simulating the user
space code without caring about the OS activities, I
wonder can I compile Kaffe without thread support?
(of course, with GC too, I think.)
Currently, I am using Kaffe 1.0.6 and "sysdepMethodCall"
has been ported to support the virtual ISA of simplescalar
as well. If the thread is disable, I guess I can run
some non-threading Java application, right?

  Any help and comment is highly appreciated.
Best regards,


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