Can/How I disable threading?

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Wed Jun 20 12:13:31 PDT 2001

The GC runs in a separate thread.  I'm pretty sure there is no easy to
way to disable threading in Kaffe and still get a usable system.  If
you disable GC and finalization, you might be able to get away with
one thread.  Actually, if you make the initial heap large enough, the
GC just won't run for most small programs, and the thread-switch code
won't get invoked.

You might try patching the jthread code to save/restore the relevant
simulator state.  That's all that setjmp/longjmp do, but they do it
for the underlying host OS machine.  If you include your simulator's
stack/eip/etc you might be able to support threading....  Maybe.


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