Problem with pocketlinux distribution

Javier Garcia jjggarroyo at
Fri Mar 9 09:03:27 PST 2001

Hi everybody. Now I'm trying to get Kaffe running awt
with the frame buffer, so I downloaded the Pocketlinux
dist, I compiled fgl and ipl libraries, and then the
kaffe core, all seemed to be OK, but when I tried to
run a simple helloworld test...Very strange crash.
The first time I try to run a program, it gets
blocked, and when I see the processes, I see a kaffe
helloworld suspended and a kaffe helloworld defunct.
The next times I try to run, I see three processes of
kaffe helloworld, all of them are suspended. I know
it's very strange, so if any of you can answer me with
some orientation or the big solution, it would be
great. I'm desperated at this time.
Thanks in advance.

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