Windows CE Status/Kaffe vs PocketLinux Kaffe?

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Tue Mar 20 05:44:06 PST 2001


Thanks for the info.  I thought that I had pulled down the latest code for
kaffe from CVS, but I don't believe it included the makefiles or some of the
"UNDER_CE" conditional code.

Is there a separate CVS that contains these changes (e.g.: is it just part
of the pocketlinux CVS instead)?  My guess is that kaffe was forked for
PocketLinux...if so, have they both diverged, or is one considered more up
to date than the other?



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Maxim Kizub made a version for VC (see mailing list archive). But
AWT and there are still some bugs in the current Win32 version.

The Kaffe version for PocketLinux
contains VC and WinCE files but you cannot built this because of Linux
gcc specific changes in the common source files.


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> Does anyone have experience compiling Kaffe for Windows CE?  As a
> question, has anyone compiled Kaffe for 32-bit Windows recently using
> I'd appreciate any advise or comments, as I'm considering going down
> path...
> Thanks,
> Gregg Fowler
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