cvs Klasses.jar not up to date

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Mon May 14 20:44:55 PDT 2001

> It seems that the javac wrongly parsed source files (such as
> Below is the output of "gmake check", (only
> first 12 files' output shown)

Do you know what 'javac' you're running?  The regression test suite
will use jikes, I belive, if it can find it.  The best way to figure
this out is to pass 'VERBOSE=1' on the make check command line.  Try
this (cd into test/regression first, its easier):

	make check VERBOSE=1

This will print the command its using to compile the .java files (the
line after "JAVA_SRCS=...").

Also, is jikes or any other java compiler installed and visible in
your path? (Running 'which javac' and 'which jikes' should find them
if they are.)


This means the Kaffe you compiled can at least run the pre-compiled
HelloWorld.  A good sign.

> ./ error:Syntax error:  unexpected token: End of file

This is very odd, as line 7 isn't anywhere near the end of the file.
You might look at your and make sure it looks okay.
The only thing I can think of would be sort of dos/unix end-of-line
mixup.  I have no idea how that might happen, though.


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