cvs Klasses.jar not up to date

Edouard G. Parmelan egp at
Wed May 16 05:27:42 PDT 2001

Yong Chen wrote:

> Hi,
> I did another fresh checkout from CVS (everything), this time it works much
> better, the "gmake check" succeeded in all cases except one:,
> only this one failed.

It's a bug in kjc-1.4F-egp1 that you can ignore, it's fixed in KOPI CVS
Tree, but another recent bug prevent compilation of Klasses.jar.  I'm
working with Thomas Graf on next release of kjc.

> I manually tested InnerTest (by issuing: java InnerTest), the result is
> almost the same as expected (as outlined at the end of file
> except the messages' sequence is different, here is my test result:

Magic comment `// Sort output' will pipe output to `sort' program.
Differences are in access modifiers values.

> % java InnerTest

Is `java' the current compiled kaffe tree ?  Or a previous installed
release ?  I attach a small script `kaffe-test' that will help you to
use kaffe binary in build tree.  Simply replace `java' by `kaffe-tree

> Can you check what's wrong with it? I actually encountered an inner class
> problem when using Kaffe in my Java application server, the inner class
> can't access member variables of its containing class, I always get
> NULLPointer exception. I believe the problem is with kjc since firstly, if I
> compile the java file using either kopisusu or jdk1.2.2, then run the class
> file using Kaffe, the inner class can access the variables in its containing
> class; secondly, if I compile the java file using kjc, then run it using
> jdk, the jdk throws verify error exception.

I think you can use Jikes as javac compiler :-(
Edouard G. Parmelan
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#! /bin/sh


kdir="$1"; shift
if [ -f $kdir/BUILD_ENVIRONMENT ]; then
    echo "Can't find environment in $kdir." >&2
    exit 1


if [ "$1" = "gdb" -o "$1" = "dbx" ]; then
    exec $kdir/libtool $1 $kdir/kaffe/kaffe/Kaffe

if [ "$1" = "VMDebug" ]; then
    vmdebug="-addclasspath $HOME/Bin VMDebug -vmdebug $2";
    shift 2;

exec $kdir/libtool --mode=execute $kdir/kaffe/kaffe/Kaffe $vmdebug "$@"

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