Status of BeOS x86 kaffe

Chris Nash chris_nash at
Wed May 30 18:45:58 PDT 2001

Hi folks,

Just a quick introduction as my first post to the list. My name's Chris 
Nash, and I'm currently working on porting the w3c editor/browser Amaya 
to the BeOS. There's experimental kaffe support in there, which I'd 
like to see if I can get to work in my BeOS-native Amaya port.

I saw it mentioned at and in the FAQ that the BeOS threading 
model is incomplete (something I noticed when the test 
needed a ctrl+C to get past) and I checked the archives, and it seems 
to me there hasn't been any BeOS activity for about 12 months, nor is 
BeOS mentioned in the supported systems, however I can at least get 
1.0.6 to build and work except for the threading issues, and it seems 
no JIT3. The BeKaffe AWT group seems equally dead.

Is anyone looking at the BeOS-native version at all? If so, I'd like to 
give some help - if not, it's something I'd like to give a little time 
to, at the very least to get things going again.

TIA for any information.

Chris Nash
Lexington KY

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