Status of BeOS x86 kaffe

Duncan McQueen dwmcqueen at
Wed May 30 19:17:53 PDT 2001


There has been some non-AWT work to the BeOS port of
Kaffe done recently.  Those changes have been
committed to the regular Kaffe CVS.  You might want to
send out a letter to that developers list to ask about



--- Chris Nash <chris_nash at> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Just a quick introduction as my first post to the
> list. My name's Chris 
> Nash, and I'm currently working on porting the w3c
> editor/browser Amaya 
> to the BeOS. There's experimental kaffe support in
> there, which I'd 
> like to see if I can get to work in my BeOS-native
> Amaya port.
> I saw it mentioned at and in the FAQ that
> the BeOS threading 
> model is incomplete (something I noticed when the
> test 
> needed a ctrl+C to get past) and I checked the
> archives, and it seems 
> to me there hasn't been any BeOS activity for about
> 12 months, nor is 
> BeOS mentioned in the supported systems, however I
> can at least get 
> 1.0.6 to build and work except for the threading
> issues, and it seems 
> no JIT3. The BeKaffe AWT group seems equally dead.
> Is anyone looking at the BeOS-native version at all?
> If so, I'd like to 
> give some help - if not, it's something I'd like to
> give a little time 
> to, at the very least to get things going again.
> TIA for any information.
> Chris Nash
> Lexington KY

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