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I have done JNI_CreateJVM through an independent test program which works
fine where as the the same call from my OJI Plugin
crashes inside JVM. I copied all .la and .so , .jar files in my class path.
Still it is giving the same error.
Can anybody tell the solution ? Is there any known limitations for Kaffe for
enabling it for mozilla ?


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> I am interested in plugging a small jvm into mozilla. For this I want to
> make a basic structure of OJI Plugin for Kaffe VM that can load an applet.
> For this When I invoke JNI_CreateJavaVM, from my OJI plugin, throws an
> UnsatisfiedLinkError as follows.

Turn on vmdebugging ('-vmdebug all').  Its probably failing to find a
.la file, or some of the basic system classes.  You might have to
hardcode vmdebug since you don't have a command line(?).  (Change
DEFAULT_DEBUG_MASK in kaffe/kaffevm/debug.c to DBG_ALL).

Also, you sent your message to 'majordomo at', and I think
you meant to send it to 'kaffe at'.


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