gdb debugger/kaffe

V.Z. Nuri vznuri at
Mon Oct 29 09:55:46 PST 2001

hi all. i've been looking all over the web & archives
& kaffe documentation & didnt find out 
how to do this. it sounds like it was not
supported in earlier version.. is that still
the case? would like to
do symbolic debugging with kaffe using gdb
or some other std debugger. 

I found the KAFFE_DEBUG variable & turned
it on. it does let me execute the java code
but says "no symbol table" & cant see
source or variables in gdb. my javac
compiler says it is part of gnu kopi &
doesnt implement the -g debug flag.
however it looks like "javac" was installed
with the kaffe package.

can one get symbolic debugging with kaffe?

I am using redhat 7.1.. also I noticed the source
file for kaffe in 7.1 does not seem to be right.
after I install it it gives me a file
libgcj-2.96.tar.bz2 in 
/usr/src/redhat/SOURCES that is nothing but an ascii
file with a lot of file names.

also I noticed that I get errors when trying to
compile method.h in the gcj package while trying
to compile kaffe.. arggh.. although I think I saw
a patch for that


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