Two problems need a solution.

C I comidio at
Tue Sep 4 08:24:48 PDT 2001

The underlying problem is that I need to get
java.math.BigInteger working with Kaffe.  I understand
about the whole gmp issue, (I am running RH 7.1 and
kaffe-1.0.6 and gmp-3.1.1; I have also tried gmp 2) 
Now I originally set up Kaffe with an rpm but that
would never reconize gmp.  I then tried to compiling
kaffe from src because I found where I could give the
configure tag --with-libraries=/path/to/libgmp.a.  But
I can not compile Kaffe I keep receiving the error on
System.c: In function
System.c:415: warning: implicit declaration of
function `time'
System.c:418: warning: implicit declaration of
function `localtime'
System.c:418: invalid type argument of `->'
make: *** [System.lo] Error 1    

Ultimately I just want Kaffe to work with gmp, so I
can use the java.math.BigInteger.  If there is a rpm
to do this then great.  If I have to compile from
source fine, but is there a good work around for the
above error.  I have tried a couple that suggested
editing the System.c file about the time.h file.  But
I have had no success in doing so.  I am far from an
expert on this so if you could be explicit in your
explannation that would be appreciated.


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