While running Xalan & Xerces in Kaffe it hangs

Jukka Santala jsantala at tml.hut.fi
Thu Sep 27 00:58:45 PDT 2001

On Mon, 24 Sep 2001, Stuart Ballard wrote:
> Jukka Santala wrote:
> > With the Kaffe.org latest release/binaries you're probably out of luck,
> > it's over year old and a lot has changed since then.
> Does anyone know if there is any release of Kaffe planned for the near
> future? I too have some code that works in the latest CVS but not with

That's what the mailing-list archives are for ;) Just searching for
"release" at http://rpmfind.net/tools/Kaffe/messages/ you'll find Edouard
G. Parmelan's release TODO-list. I think kjc integration/update is done
at least, and there seems to be little to no interest/support in merging
the kaffe.org & tvt-kaffe classlibs anymore, though, so that list may be
somewhat out of date.

I do think a release is long overdue, though, in IT business a year is
already a LONG time.

 -Jukka Santala

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