A doubt about kaffe

alberto_rodriguez at trw-iscs.com alberto_rodriguez at trw-iscs.com
Tue Sep 25 07:32:02 PDT 2001


I have a question about the software Kaffe and will be pleased that someone
could answer it.

I am a "supporter" of Java and some days ago I downloaded the Kaffe 1.0.6
program for Linux. I would like to make, compile and execute my own programs,
but this is by now unfortunately impossible. I use the usage:

          javac name_javafile.java
          java name_javafile

but this not works. If I try to run java programs built under Windows it works
with those that are written in an only file (not several classes in several
files). In case of compilation, the systems shows de bug message: "Permission
denied", that could not be a Java problem but a Linux one.

Maybe the command is not correct, maybe is necessary to add some options for
working with several files and packages. Please, I would thank you if someone
could give me the rigth usage to compile and run java programs with kaffe
software under Linux (taking care of existing different files and packages
building the program).

Thanks in advance for your help


Alberto Rodríguez

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