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Tue Apr 16 01:56:55 PDT 2002

On Monday 15 April 2002 17:05, Marc Haisenko wrote:
> On Monday 15 April 2002 03:10, Jim Pick wrote:
> > On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 05:15:10PM +0200, Marc Haisenko wrote:
> > > Hi folks,
> > > 	I'm developing a STB using Linux on which we run a Java AWT app.
> >
> > Cool.  I wouldn't mind talking to you about KaffePro then, since
> > that's looking like it's going to be our target market, primarily.
> > We're just in the initial stages of defining what we're going to do to
> > the product, and I wouldn't mind some feedback.
> Uhm, sorry, I'm not a native english speaker, do you mean you want or don't
> want to talk about KaffePro ? :-) And what is KaffePro ?

Ja, er will ;-)

> > Transvirtual released a lightweight AWT called no-native-wm (plus a
> > framebuffer graphics library called fgl) with the PocketLinux stuff.
> > You can dig it out of the tarball here:
> >
> >
> >
> > Of course, it's already somewhat dated and completely unsupported, and
> > don't expect Transvirtual to be updating or bugfixing it in the future
> > (although other people are free to build on top of the GPL'd code).
> I've looked into it, and I don't like it ;-) Especially the
> no-longer-supported character of it.

It would nice to fold it in into's version and support it, if we can 
find someone who would like to do it :)

> > Also, I know the Microwindows people got kaffe working with their
> > framebuffer library (I'm not sure if they used the Win32 widgets or
> > the X11 widgets as their base).
> >
> > Does anybody know of any other free framebuffer AWT implementations?
> >
> > There are some pretty cool base graphics libraries out there that look
> > nice (DirectFB, PicoGUI).  Some of those could be bound to
> > no-native-wm, I guess, but somebody would have to do the work.

and SDL for the gaming community :)

> > > My problem is, I can't find any instructions on how to actually compile
> > > Kaffe to use GTK instead of X. I've downloaded and untarred Kaffe 1.0.6
> > > and gtkawt.tar.gz, copied the content into the Kaffe source tree and am
> > > now puzzled with how to go on. There seems to be no switch in the
> > > configure script and there seems to be not a single document about
> > > this, not in the source, not on the Kaffe web site and according to
> > > Google not on the net at all.
> > >
> > > So, can somebody give me the needed hints ? Or is the GTK AWT dead ? If
> > > so, does someone know of an alternative to get an AWT for the Linux
> > > framebuffer ?
> >
> > I don't think anybody is using it.  I notice that there is also a GTK
> > AWT in the PocketLinux kaffe sources that were released.  It might be
> > same one...
> OK, so this means the GTK AWT is not really supported by the Kaffe team ?

that's right. It's out there for the adventureous to play with, but it's not 
part of the official distribution, -> unsupported. You might still get some 
questions answered if the author is one the mailing list. You might get some 
support for the pocketlinux version on the pocketlinux mailing lists.

You could complain, or you could fix it and submit it for inclusion. :)

> Maybe you could do something like Wonka's AWT ? They essentially seem to
> have implemented an AWT which uses the framebuffer and then wrote a small
> "simulator" to run in X. I think the most portable solution would be a
> generic AWT and then to write a kind of frontend which maps the primitive
> graphic operations. But I guess this wouldn't be as easy as it sounds,
> especially when it comes to performance.

I thought the AWT peers had that purpose anyway? Shouldn't writing a 
frambuffer peer be enough?

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