Building Kaffe with GTK AWT

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Tue Apr 16 01:36:34 PDT 2002

On Monday 15 April 2002 03:10, Jim Pick wrote:
> I know the Trolltech guys are also selling a Qt AWT - I'm not sure if
> it is available under the GPL or not.  Does anybody know?  Someday,
> I'm going to phone them up and ask.  :-)

Proprietary, as far as I know. There are also Qt based AWT projects within 
QtJava and somewhere on sourceforge. I don't think that any of them is ready 
for the prime time.

> Once we get into full blown development mode, I'd like to collect as
> many of the AWT implementations together as I can, and make them
> selectable at configuration or run time.  I'm sure some of them are
> going to be essentially "dead" (eg. BISS AWT), but there's no harm in
> making them available.  The main one I'm going to support (for
> is going to be the X11 one, and maybe the Win32 one.

sounds great.

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