[kaffe] quick question method lookups

gonzo Robert.N.Gonzalez at williams.edu
Fri Aug 2 12:26:46 PDT 2002

in the verifier i'm attempting to figure out of a method in a class has
been overriden by a subclass (for finding out if final methods have been
overriden, which is bad).  right now i'm doing string comparrisons

so, given a method name and signature, is there a fast way to retrieve
that method from an Hjava_lang_class (or at least find out if  a method
matching the name and signature exists in a class)?  if not, then i'm
going to put all methods in each class into a hashtable for quick lookups
in verification.

the interpreter uses getMethodInfo(idx) (which calls
getMethodSignatureClass) where idx is the index into the class' constant
pool (see lookup.c), but the index into the constant pool will be
different for subclasses.


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