[kaffe] using ant to build kaffe - ant needs non-free java!

Grzegorz Prokopski gadek at debian.org
Sun Aug 4 15:18:30 PDT 2002

W liście z nie, 04-08-2002, godz. 23:52, Dalibor Topic pisze: 
> Yeah, I was wondering about how well free software
> like kaffe mixes with apache SF licenses, like ant,
> tomcat, etc.
Are there any legal problems with it?
FWIK kaffe uses BSD-like license - or at least what I have
in ./debian/copyright looks similar.
I asked seriously.

Lately I was thinking about your qt-awt GPL imlementation as
of a thing that will probably not be used too widely (unfortunatelly)
because of the license - which is incompatible even with some
DFSG-free [1] licenses (let alone non-free ones), like AFAIR
Apache license (which covers a lot of free-java stuff).

Is there any chance to ask the authors to relicense it under
something less restrictive (at least Apache-compatible)?

> > Maybe 1.0.7 kaffe release (not packaged for debian
> > yet) solved
> I've done some work on the reflection classes during
> May fixing a couple of bugs etc, so I might have
> squashed that one, too. Could you give 1.0.7 a try and
Yes, thanks - it "worked" as you can see in my other mail.
Changes to get it to this state were more than trivial.

Best regards

				Grzegorz B. Prokopski

[1] http://www.debian.org/social_contract
[2] For real opinion about legal problems please contact
debian-legal at lists.debian.org mailing list. I am in no way
authoritative person for such kind of discussion.

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