[kaffe] using ant to build kaffe - ant needs non-free java!

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Sun Aug 4 16:53:54 PDT 2002

hi Grzegorz
--- Grzegorz Prokopski <gadek at debian.org> wrote:
> W li¶cie z nie, 04-08-2002, godz. 23:52, Dalibor
> Topic pisze: 
> > Yeah, I was wondering about how well free software
> > like kaffe mixes with apache SF licenses, like
> ant,
> > tomcat, etc.
> Are there any legal problems with it?
> FWIK kaffe uses BSD-like license - or at least what
> I have
> in ./debian/copyright looks similar.
> I asked seriously.

I always thought kaffe was GPL ;)

look at license.terms in the source directory and the
README file (citation):

Why use Kaffe?

Because Kaffe is distributed under the terms of the
GNU Public License
which means the source code is free for you to
download, modify and

(citation end).

The only part that's under LGPL is the RMI

My question about mixing GPL and ASF license has been
answered in 2000 by Mark Wielaard
, thanks for the tip to look at debian-legal.

> Lately I was thinking about your qt-awt GPL
> imlementation as
> of a thing that will probably not be used too widely
> (unfortunatelly)
> because of the license - which is incompatible even
> with some
> DFSG-free [1] licenses (let alone non-free ones),
> like AFAIR
> Apache license (which covers a lot of free-java
> stuff).
> Is there any chance to ask the authors to relicense
> it under
> something less restrictive (at least
> Apache-compatible)?
> [2]

Go ahead and ask them ;) They own the copyright, so
they may be able to[1] relicense it to you as they
wish. On the other hand, I fail to see the relevance
as you'd still be using the rest of kaffe's class
library which is GPL (except for RMI, as explained

best regards,

dalibor topic

[1] within the requirements of GPL, if their code is
linking to kaffe, which I assume that it does ,)

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