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Wed Aug 7 06:29:19 PDT 2002

Hi Nicholas,
--- Nicholas Wourms <nwourms at myrealbox.com> wrote:
> I was able to get it start building as well, but I
> was attempting to use 
> pthread support, which Cygwin choked on.  Jim had
> recognized the issue, 
> but so far no one has proposed a fix.  I'll give it
> another shot, but 
> IIRC the autoconf scripts were PITA (sorry Jim) to
> fix.  The second 

Does that mean that you were able to fix them? kaffe's
autoconf scripts are 1.4 based, I think and won't work
on newer autoconf, so you might have to invest some
time to port them to 1.5 first. It would be really
nice if you could try to do that, and I believe that
Jim would appreciate the patches. I don't speak the
auto* languages yet :(

> problem is how do you intend to bootstrap kaffe now
> that it requires a 
> javac to build?   As for this issue, is it possible

If the included compiler+bootstrap classes don't work
for you, use a different java compiler to compile
class libraries to bytecode. In particular, comment
out the line JIKES= in rebuildLib, and then run make
JIKES="my java to bytecode compiler". Try jikes 1.13
for example, newer versions may generate bad bytecode
for kaffe's sources.
Gcj does not work up to 3.1, I haven't tested 3.1.1
yet. It will not compile legal java code in some kaffe

You might also be able to bootstrap the compiler by
putting a pregenerated Klasses.jar file in the
libraries/javalib directory. I haven't tried that yet,
though. If you do attempt it, please report it back to
me so I can put it into FAQ.classlibrary-compile.

best regards,

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