[kaffe] Installation on Windows 2000

Nicholas Wourms nwourms at myrealbox.com
Wed Aug 7 06:55:24 PDT 2002

Dalibor Topic wrote:

>Hi Nicholas,
>Does that mean that you were able to fix them? kaffe's
>autoconf scripts are 1.4 based, I think and won't work
>on newer autoconf, so you might have to invest some
>time to port them to 1.5 first. It would be really
>nice if you could try to do that, and I believe that
>Jim would appreciate the patches. I don't speak the
>auto* languages yet :(
Unfortunately, a rather annoying side affect of cygwin is the constant 
reprogramming of autotools to the latest versions due to the fact that 
earlier autotools are hopelessly broke on cygwin.  Yes, I actually got 
it working with autoconf 2.53b and automake 1.6.1 (If libtool is used, I 
don't recall, then it would be libtool-1.4e).  The autotools are very 
confusing at first due to the complete lack of readable, current 
documention, so learning it is really trial/error/stfw...  I'll see what 
I can cookup in terms of the patches...  No promises and it will take 
*awhile*, since I was "cheating" a bit and put specific cygwin-only 
stuff to fix issues I didn't feel like investing a lot of time in.

>>problem is how do you intend to bootstrap kaffe now
>>that it requires a 
>>javac to build?   As for this issue, is it possible
>If the included compiler+bootstrap classes don't work
>for you, use a different java compiler to compile
>class libraries to bytecode. In particular, comment
>out the line JIKES= in rebuildLib, and then run make
>JIKES="my java to bytecode compiler". Try jikes 1.13
>for example, newer versions may generate bad bytecode
>for kaffe's sources.
I know jikes is working on cygwin, I'll give that a shot

>Gcj does not work up to 3.1, I haven't tested 3.1.1
>yet. It will not compile legal java code in some kaffe
We're using gcc-3.2_pre, maybe that'll work.

>You might also be able to bootstrap the compiler by
>putting a pregenerated Klasses.jar file in the
>libraries/javalib directory. I haven't tried that yet,
>though. If you do attempt it, please report it back to
>me so I can put it into FAQ.classlibrary-compile.
I guess I'll have to nose around in the autotools scripts to see how the 
bootstrap process is done.  As I said before, I did this last month 
prior to the bootstrap changeover, so I'm sure Jim has changed some things.

Still, I'd really like to get that thread issue resolved, oh well...


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