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Fri Dec 6 06:37:51 PST 2002

Hi Pat,

--- Patrick Tullmann <tullmann at cs.utah.edu> wrote:
> Ito wrote:
> > On FreeBSD 3.1-RELEASE, make failed.  I think I
> should upgrade to
> > the newest release if I have time.
> Its the same on 4.6-STABLE and on a fairly old
> 5.0-CURRENT box.
> Why isn't the configure variable HAVE_DECLARED_SWAB
> being set
> correctly?  (Is that the g++/gcc distinction Dalibor
> mentioned??)

No idea, really. It seems to be a gcc on linux issue,
according to the comment in the config-mem.h file.
Should I ask gcc/libc developers ? Any idea whom to
bother first?

> Maybe the configure test should be updated to
> include <string.h> too?
> (Right not it only seems to check unistd.h and
> stdlib.h...)

I'll try it with <string.h>, if that fails with gcc on
linux, then I guess I'll revert to the old form, and
#ifdef LINUX it. Is LINUX the right platform define?

Every platform seems to have its own ideas about swab.
I remember my last attempt to compile on mingw also
gave me some swab prototype problems. As the ssize_t
definition is by the OpenGroup, should I file a bug
report for FreeBSD somewhere? If so, where?


dalibor topic

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