[kaffe] Porting Problem

Prashant Singh Yadav, Noida prashantsy at noida.hcltech.com
Sat Dec 7 02:42:27 PST 2002

Hi there! im a newbie for Kaffe.Im into a project which involves porting AWT
of kaffe with some other files preferably to change the Motif look to some
another.I have changed the kaffe-1.0.7/libraries/clib/awt/X/wnd.c by our
File ,which involved changing each native calls made.Now i intent to run a
small prog which just makes a frame (window) off course all other files are
patched up in the directory.Im getting Runtime error ,can u plzz tell me
wether my approach is correct<< No erroe handling ,no event handling>>
.Will it work.
In anticipation to enlighten me

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