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Mon Dec 9 08:03:00 PST 2002

Hi Prashant,

--- "Prashant Singh Yadav, Noida"
<prashantsy at noida.hcltech.com> wrote:
> Hi there! im a newbie for Kaffe.Im into a project
> which involves porting AWT
> of kaffe with some other files preferably to change
> the Motif look to some
> another.I have changed the
> kaffe-1.0.7/libraries/clib/awt/X/wnd.c by our
> File ,which involved changing each native calls
> made.Now i intent to run a
> small prog which just makes a frame (window) off
> course all other files are
> patched up in the directory.Im getting Runtime error
> ,can u plzz tell me
> wether my approach is correct<< No erroe handling
> ,no event handling>>
> .Will it work.

I have serious trouble understanding what you are
trying to do. Can you try again in simpler sentences,
with paragraphs, and as more structured way? English
is not my native language, so my guesses can be quite

Just answer these questions:
a) what exactly are you trying to do?
(From your description I assume that you are trying to
write some kind of an AWT backend, but I can't tell
for sure.)

b) How are you trying to do it? What exactly have you
(It seems you are trying to adapt the Xlib backend to
do something and you've run into some trouble. What
you've done, why you've done it, and what kind of
problem you may have is unclear to me from your

c) It is impossible for anyone to try to debug your
modifications without seeing them. If your project
allows your code to be contributed to kaffe (i.e. it
is licensed in a GPL compatible way), please consider
doing so, and then people on the list might be able to
help debugging it. 

If you have found a bug in kaffe's AWT implementation,
please post short (5-10 lines) example code showing
the bug. Even more welcome than bug reports are bug
reports accompanied by patches fixing the bug. If you
want me to praise your skills as a programmer in my
advogato diary, you'd add a test case for our
regression test suite, so that the bug gets caught if
it's reintroduced.

d) Please avoid hackerish slang like "u, plzz", or
funky markup like "<< >>", as it makes your sentences
harder to understand. When you have a problem, you
want the people to understand you. You don't want them
to skip your message because they can't read it.

Use plain English. Simple sentences with a subject, a
predicate and an object will get the message much
better accross then abbreviations.

I hope this helps. I'm looking forward to your next
bug reports. And I'd like to hear more about your
project, of course.

best regards,

dalibor topic

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