[kaffe] updating kaffe-1.0.7 to autoconf-2.52

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Thu Dec 26 11:29:02 PST 2002

Hey folks,
I'm trying to deploy kaffe-1.0.7 in a cross-compiling environment.
The first step was to update to autoconf2.5x, since that's
more cross-compile-friendly.
Afterwards, I checked cvs, and sure enough, 16 days ago,
Dalibor Topic had already checked in a configure.in updated
to autoconf2.5x.

Oh, well :-)  I guess I'll start over with the cvs version.
Just for grins, here's my patch.  Only interesting difference
is I use AC_PREREQ(2.52) so nobody tries to use old autotools,
and I used \ to extend AC_CHECK_LIBS lines instead of
using lots of little AC_CHECK_LIBS.
- Dan

--- kaffe-1.0.7/configure.in.orig	Mon Dec 23 14:06:42 2002
+++ kaffe-1.0.7/configure.in	Mon Dec 23 15:11:46 2002
@@ -1,3 +1,4 @@
  AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(kaffe, 1.0.7)

@@ -131,7 +132,7 @@
  ## Let users override the linker used by libtool, but default to $CC.
@@ -925,14 +926,14 @@

-select socket getsockname getpagesize dnl
-memcpy memmove dnl
-mkdir dnl
-getcwd chdir getwd gettimeofday ftime time uname getuid dnl
-localtime dnl
-iconv dnl
+select socket getsockname getpagesize \
+memcpy memmove \
+mkdir \
+getcwd chdir getwd gettimeofday ftime time uname getuid \
+localtime \
+iconv \

@@ -1047,17 +1048,17 @@
    AC_DEFINE(STRTOD_m0_BROKEN, 1, [Define if strtod(\"-0.0\") is broken])

-strerror hstrerror dnl
-fcntl ioctl dnl
-alarm setitimer dnl
-sigprocmask sigsetmask sigemptyset sigaddset signal sigaction dnl
-sbrk valloc memalign mallopt dnl
-mprotect madvise dnl
-waitpid kill fork execve execvp dnl
-sync fsync dnl
-atexit on_exit vsnprintf snprintf dnl
+strerror hstrerror \
+fcntl ioctl \
+alarm setitimer \
+sigprocmask sigsetmask sigemptyset sigaddset signal sigaction \
+sbrk valloc memalign mallopt \
+mprotect madvise \
+waitpid kill fork execve execvp \
+sync fsync \
+atexit on_exit vsnprintf snprintf \

  if test "$Khost_cpu" = "alpha" ; then
    AC_CACHE_CHECK([for alpha support of amask instruction],
@@ -1235,7 +1236,7 @@
  dnl Extract path and dir separator information from paths.h
  dnl -------------------------------------------------------------------------


  AC_CACHE_CHECK([for path separator],ac_cv_kaffe_pathsep,
  [	rm -f conftest.c

Dan Kegel
Linux User #78045

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