[kaffe] memory leak in jit3 ?

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Mon Dec 30 10:06:31 PST 2002

> > As for possible solutions?  The quick and dirty way
> > would be to just bound the pool sizes to some
> > reasonable limit.  The best solution would be to fix
> > the jitter since the peak usage is still ginormous.
> Does the jitter really need all of that data
> (labels/const/seq objects) after it has finished
> dealing with a method? I'd think a quick & dirty
> solution would be to just "free" the object pools once
> the jitter is done with them.

Exactly, they're kept in a pool as an "optimization".  Although I don't 
know how much time is actually saved by doing this instead of just 
malloc'ing and free'ing them all.

> Nevertheless, that wouldn't take care of peek usage.
> Where should we start fixing it? I have only browsed
> that code so far, and found your docs for janosvm
> quite helpful ...

I think the main problem in this case is that the jitter isn't optimizing 
away the array bounds checks.  Looking at the pocketlinux code i think 
they've already done most/all of this so it would be just a matter of 
rolling their changes back in...

> cheers,
> dalibor topic

tim stack

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