kaffe config options --with-static(vm|lib|bin)

Timothy Stack stack at cs.utah.edu
Mon Feb 11 12:33:21 PST 2002


So does anyone actually know the real meaning behind the three
--with-static options in the configure script?  From what i've been able
to figure out it goes something like this:

  --with-staticlib  -  Causes all kaffe libraries to be statically linked,
  which includes libkaffevm, libnative, and the other libraries which
  implement the native bits of java classes.

  --with-staticbin  -  Same as above, but also does system libraries?

  --with-staticvm  -  Causes all vm libraries to be statically linked, but
  the native implementations of java classes are still dynamic.

So, uh, is that right?


tim stack

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