[kaffe] 1.0.7 release on Alpha.

Chris Meadors kaffe at clubneon.com
Tue Jul 2 13:41:36 PDT 2002

Jim Pick wrote:
> I ran those tests on one of the Debian project's build machines (which I
> have access to, since I'm a Debian developer).  When I get some more
> time, I'll try to do some debugging to see exactly where it failed.  

Is that something I could do here?  I just have this Alpha sitting here 
doing pretty much nothing.  Just Kaffe is a kinda big project to jump in 
the middle of, but if someone could give me a little direction, I'd be 
glad to work on some stuff in my spare time.

> It's interesting that the jit worked for you.  Possibly it's a toolchain
> difference or something?

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't make that very clear.  My jit3 test was equally 
bad as your's, but my "intrp" tests were worse than your's with "83 of 
114 tests failed".  Yes, I do have a different tool chain, gcc 3.1 here.

> If you have any patches, we'd love to take a look.  Otherwise, just
> testing the releases is invaluable.

No patches yet.  I'll keep testing though.

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