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Mathieu Dube mdube at 8d.com
Fri Jul 5 07:53:15 PDT 2002

	so there's no way to reduce its mem usage?? When I print out the 
Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory() it gives me :67108864.
	I assume this is in bytes.

	Thats a bit much considering the fact that our linux distro uses 3.5M of 
disk space and 4-8M of RAM.

	Anyways I'll keep on looking around but if someone has an idea on what I 
could do to reduce the RAM usage it would be very much appreciated.


On Friday 05 July 2002 10:37, you wrote:
> I think that you can use
> ./configure --without-x to remove AWT
> but this will not reduce memory usage
> If you don't use AWT at all it's not loaded into memory and it occupies
> only disk space. Kaffe seems to be the most memory hungry java vm but
> actually it's not. If you use Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory() Kaffe will
> return total memory of the whole process. Other jvm will show only memory
> reserved for the java heap, excluding it's own resources.
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>   Hi,
>   I have a couple of questions regarding X support within kaffe. We're
> doing an embedded environment and we have our own window system in house
> which is available in java thru jni.
>   So, what I would like to do is to remove awt/X support from the vm in
> order to reduce the RAM usage.
>   I've already removed the awt directory in libraries/clib/ and changed the
>   Makefiles so it compiles. Now it compiles but the RAM usage seems to be
> the same as when awt is still there.
>   My question is do you think there's any hope of reducing RAM usage by the
> vm by removing awt/X support?
>   Thanks
>   -Mat
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