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Fri Jul 5 08:05:03 PDT 2002

Hi Mathieu,

--- Mathieu Dube <mdube at 8d.com> wrote:
> 	So, what I would like to do is to remove awt/X
> support from the vm in order 
> to reduce the RAM usage.
> 	I've already removed the awt directory in
> libraries/clib/ and changed the 
> Makefiles so it compiles. Now it compiles but the

that sounds interesting. Could you wrap up a patch for
the makefile & config files so we can have a
--without-x configure option? I'd bet there are more
people interested in this option.

You'll also want to remove the AWT classes from
klasses.jar. check the makefile in libraries/javalib,
and recompile.

> RAM usage seems to be the 
> same as when awt is still there.

If you are compiling kaffe as a static executable,
your RAM usage should be down for the size of the AWT
libs. When you have the libraries dynamically linked
(that's the default), then AWT libs are linked in when
they are needed, which probably explains why you don't
see a change: you don't use the AWT ;)

> 	My question is do you think there's any hope of
> reducing RAM usage by the vm 
> by removing awt/X support?

I don't know. You might want to try the various
options for setting maximum memory available to kaffe
(kaffe --help shows a list). You might also want to
check out the preliminary kaffe embedded FAQ at

best regards,

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