[kaffe] Kaffe for windows - where ca I find it...?

Valentin Valchev v_valchev at prosyst.bg
Mon Jul 15 08:45:17 PDT 2002

1. maybe. I've never succeded to make it load .dll files but maybe it will be able to load .a libraries?
2. I don't think that there are some precompiled packages since it's rather unstable on Windows.
3. slooooooow
4. mingw32 creates a faster executables since it creates native windows application because it doesn't use any intermediate unix emulation layer. Before 1.0.7 release it was hard to compile it with cygwin. If you wish - maybe you will manage to compile (and make it run) under mingw.
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  One simple question:
  I want to develop a vocab-trainer for our school and i want to use kaffe 
  and java-gtk to do this.

  1. does Kafe under windows support JNI?
  2. Are there any precompiled packages aviable, (1.0.6 or better 1.0.7)
  3. How is the speed of kaffe under windows?
  4. What do you recommend mingw32 or cygwin?

  Thx Clemens

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